Why We Love: Beltane Ranch

A few years ago, my cousin was getting married in Temecula, California, so my parents and I decided to go early and make a vacation out of our trip. My parents both love wine, so naturally we had to schedule in some time during our trip for Napa and Sonoma. We usually like to stay at smaller places or places off the beaten path and my mom has a knack for finding some amazing boutique hotels and bed & breakfasts. 

After looking at a few different places, she chose Beltane Ranch Bed & Breakfast, located at 11775 Sonoma Highway in Glen Ellen, California. This small B&B did not disappoint. This property is very intimate and has a 5 room ranch house and a private cottage, all with separate entrances and bathrooms. The rooms have nice, big patios, which are the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine, some cheese and the sunset or the beautiful views.

There’s an extensive hiking trail and tennis courts on the property or you can simply relax on one of the hammocks or porch swings outside. The property is surrounded by beautiful gardens, orchards and vineyards that you are allowed to freely wander through. Breakfast was provided every morning and was made with the freshest ingredients from their sustainably farmed produce gardens and eggs from their very own henhouse. The omelets, fruit and the pastries were amazing. You really can taste how fresh everything is. There’s even a little bit of history behind Beltane Ranch. Apparently the farmhouse on the property was built by a woman who was a freed slave. Then in the late 1800s, she went on to become one of the wealthiest women in San Francisco.

During our stay, we definitely were spoiled (even beyond the beautiful views and great food!). A few weeks before our arrival, my mom received an email from the bed and breakfast announcing that they were the host to the annual Sonoma Valley Vintner’s and Grower’s Picnic. The picnic was scheduled to happen during our stay and they said that we were welcome to attend. This picnic was an experience I will never forget. Anyone you could think of in the wine industry was in attendance. It was a great learning experience as well. We got to talk to vintners and growers from several different vineyards and wineries and learned so much about Sonoma and the wine industry there. Everyone was so welcoming and inviting. No one cared that we weren’t a part of this industry. They were still more than happy to talk to us. Dinner was provided and everyone that was invited had to bring two bottles of wine from their vineyard or winery, so there was plenty to go around. We got to sample amazing wines from several of the wineries throughout Sonoma (many that we weren’t actually able to attend during our trip). A big standout was Sojourn Cellars. Their Pinot Noir was amazing and we highly recommend it! My dad felt right at home here and with these people. I think he was about 5 minutes away from moving to Sonoma and buying his very own vineyard…and I would have been totally okay with that.

If you’re looking for a romantic or quiet getaway, I highly recommend Beltane Ranch. The property is quaint and charming, but is still located close to many of the most popular wineries in Sonoma. To book your stay at Beltane Ranch, visit them at http://www.beltaneranch.com/ or email them at stay@beltaneranch.com.