Tips and Tricks for Firefly Music Festival

Grab your crop tops and flower headbands, it’s officially festival season! As we’re a few days away from heading back to the Woodlands for our second festival together, it seemed like a good time to reflect back on our first time at Firefly and share with you all the things we wish we had known and our best tips to get you through the weekend.


What Not to do at Firefly Music Festival

1.     Don’t think you can survive four days on pretty much nothing but hot dogs. We bought about six packages of hot dogs to save money, and ended up just buying food in the festival anyways. The food vendors at Firefly are pretty good and less expensive than you’d think. Plus, the day we did eat handfuls of hot dogs before going in, Sara had quite the stomach ache.

2.     Do not wear flat shoes. Make sure you bring a few comfy pairs. You’re on your feet for the whole day, and your feet will not be happy with you. This year, we hopped online and found shoes with thick soles and insoles, which should make our feet much happier.

3.     Don’t forget lotion sunscreen (you can’t bring the spray bottle type into the festival) and sunglasses.  Sara forgot to lather up one day and was niiiiiice and toasty by the end of the day.

4.     If you and your friends disagree about which band to see at competiting times, don’t walk away without setting a game plan, UNLESS you don’t mind being alone for a bit. Sara wandered away to see Young the Giant without Alix, and since cell phone service is shotty, it was only by the grace of God that Sara was able to stumble back to Alix by the time Girl Talk started (and only after seeing all of Foo Fighter’s alone, standing next to a guy drunkenly sobbing because he lost all his friends).

5.     Ice, ice baby. We brought macaroni salad, but didn’t really think about how exactly we planned to keep it cool the whole time. Don’t forget that your one bag of ice won’t last for four days. If you’re bringing food that needs to be cold, consider dry ice, like our new campsite-mate thought of. OR have cash on hand to buy more when you’re there.


What to Remember for Firefly

1.     Bring a hydration pack or a refillable water bottle. They have free water refill stations throughout the festival, and you’ll definitely need it.

2.     Showers here are $5 (Alix will tell you it’s the best $5 she spent all weekend), so make sure you have cash on hand. Also make sure you bring face wipes, hand sanitizer, and deodorizing wipes, since you’ll probably not want to drop $5 every day for a shower, or at least Sara won’t.

3.     Invest in a portable phone charger. With so many people in one area, your phone will be working ten times harder and will probably die quicker. You want to make sure your device is always charged in case you get separated from your friends.

4.     Try the beer garden! It’s a great (and crowded) place to cool down – holler for air conditioning. PLUS, they have special Firefly brews that make you feel like your drinking the best of the festival.

5.     There are actual bathrooms by the racetrack. Nothing feels quite as good as treating yourself to an actual bathroom when you have the chance.

6.     The most important thing is to have fun! It’s not often you get to dance the day (or night) away with your best friends and favorite musical artists, so enjoy it!


We’ll see you guys there!