The Journey to Inside the Pallet House

I tend to try to ignore people online. People aren't very nice, and I get really bummed out when people spew hate on my nice posts. I once wrote a piece about how being healthy should be a beauty standard, and not encourage the unhealthy things we do to ourselves to fit society's mold for one-size-fits-all pretty. And someone said that only an ugly person would say that.

Brb, gluing my heart back together.

Anyways, in November of 2015, I went to Germany and fell in love with Berlin. I wrote a love-letter to the city upon my arrival back from what is perhaps one of the best trips of my life. Someone wrote a comment, and Cazey forwarded along the notification to me.

This one was actually nice! The guy pointed out a podcast he did about Germany, where his father had just visited. My exact response was, "I will definitely check out the podcast." 

Because of who I am as a person, I never did and never thought of it again. 

Flash forward two years, Inside the Pallet House Podcast reaches out to me on Twitter.

They invited me to come out to their recording studio and guest star in their podcast. I can't explain how flattered I was, pending it checking out and not being a trap. My faith in the world leads me to do the podcast with Alix, and lo and behold, that commenter from two years ago is the same podcast.

Go figure!

as told over hefeweizen

Anyways, we cover some travel stories, a new cultured bike gang and our favorite beers from around the city. Plus, we offer some advice on prime brunch spots for visiting Richmond. 

If you're in need of a laugh, please check out our appearance on Inside the Pallet House Podcast, with our episode 'As Told Over Hefeweizen.'

We'd love to hear your thoughts, and your name for SLBC!