My Life in a Kia Commercial

When we rolled up into Hertz at 6am in the morning for our rental for the week in Iceland, I didn’t care what kind of car they gave us. As long as it was four-wheel drive, I was golden. The typical Nordic-looking assistant handed us keys and said, “You’ll have the Kia Sportage.” My friend giggles, and I can’t tell what’s so funny. I didn’t know what the Sportage was, but with a name like that, I assumed it was sporty.

The dialogue continues and we get a GPS.

Then it hits me, my friend drives a Kia Sportage in the States. We’re renting an Icelandic twin of her States car. I bust out laughing, gagging at how long it took for that thought train to make it through my head.

My friend and the Nordic man stare at me, because now I’m laughing way too late to the joke.

Anyways, we go outside, beep open our car, and I’m greeted with a sharp leather interior, heated seats and a full dashboard with a navigation system and easy-to-use music plugin. As co-pilot, I feel set.

My friend settles into the driver’s seat and we take off in our Kia to one of the greatest adventures of my life.

In the week we spent in our Icelandic Kia Sportage rental, we made an incredible amount of memories in that car. We were also able to make a total mess of the vehicle, from our nonstop snacking and lunches that consisted of making peanut butter sandwiches while still moving.

(For the record, I was the sandwich assembler as the passenger, and did not make Jenn make her own while she drove.) I wish I was there for the look on the rental guy’s face when he sees the amount of chip crumbs crusted into every crevice of the seats and cup holders. With memories come a bit of mess.

But what makes it even better is that every time we parked, we’d smirk and comment at how perfect our car looked with the background, just snow-covered mountains with winding roads that our Sportage seamlessly got us through.

We lived in the perfect Kia commercial for a full week, taking our car through the mud, rain, wind, snow, sleet, elevation, flat land and rocks. That car with its spiked tires and mastery of handling over the terrains. I want one back in the States, even though I probably can’t justify the spikes in my tires when we get snow twice and year and I’m out of town for the second snowstorm.

The only thing that could have been better about our Sportage were the wipers, which probably has nothing to do with Kia itself. Those damn wipers made death seem imminent. I had the pleasure of driving when it was slushing (my version of snowing and raining simultaneously) and the wipers questionably made it all worse by just smudging it all around. However, I also had this feeling that the Sportage always had my back. He kept his cool in the weather, even if I don’t.

Jenn and I were talking about going on another road trip, this time around the States. I’d like to see the Grand Canyon, and I can only imagine how baller of a Kia commercial it would be with a Sportage perched at the top of a peak overlooking the canyon. We might need to request one specifically just so my car dreams do come true.