Do Not Let Fear Win

I currently have the biggest stress headache from keeping myself from crying the past 12 hours. I am fully aware that shootings happen every day and I am by no means belittling any of them. But this one hurts, just as it did with the Manchester shooting, but even more. 

If you asked me why, I don't even think I'd have an answer, but I love Las Vegas, and a lot of you know that. Some of my favorite memories were made there. I was in that exact same venue about 4 months ago. Hundreds of people packed in between metal barriers waiting for our shuttles to EDC. We were sitting ducks. If he wanted to pull it off that weekend, we would have been goners. I was with 6 my boyfriend, one of my best friends, and 4 of our close friends and it scares me and makes me physically ill to think of them passing away in that way. That's never a situation I want to be in and that's a situation I'd never wish on my worst enemies. 

I'm sad and upset and I'm so incredibly angry. Festivals should be a safe haven. They should be a place where you can go and forget about your problems and the humdrum of your every day life. A 3 day escape and then its back to reality. I know for me they can be some of the happiest days of my year and I definitely look forward to them, as do most of my friends. And it just makes me absolutely sick to my stomach that these people were trying to just enjoy some time with their friends and family and listen to some music and artists they love at the same time. And anyone that's been to a festival knows it's not the easiest thing to get of, especially if thousands of people are trying to do the same. 

I know this is scary but do not let this keep you from going to concerts and festivals. Do not let this keep you from traveling the world and seeing things. Do not let this keep you from experiencing things. Do not let this make you live a life in fear. Because that's not a life worth living in my opinion. I'm not saying don't be careful and cautious, but don't let this negatively affect your life. If not for you, do it for the people who lost their lives at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, at Route 91 Harvest, at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, and for everyone else that was killed simply for living their lives. 

If you live in the Las Vegas area, please consider donating blood. I've also found this GoFundMe that has been vetted and is legit: