An Afternoon Alone in New York City

I headed up to New York City a few months ago for a public relations meeting for my company. Travel plans got all sorts of mixed up (Richmond gets nervous if flurries are anticipated), so I ended up with a few hours to kill in New York before my flight took off. 

But not to worry, I had a plan for my afternoon alone in New York City.

I'm a simple girl really. My plan was to eat a slice of pizza and drink a glass of beer. From there, I would just see what happens. Okay -- so I didn't have a plan. That's sort of my life. But I digress...

One of the guys from the agency told me to head through Staples and there was a good bar with a ton of beers on tap. Bingo, about to check off 50% of my to-do list. I show up, and it was magical. They had dozens of beer, and a whole panel dedicated to porters. I selected four, three of which were porters and one hefe. The perfect sampling.

what to do in New York City alone

Far and away, the most bizarre beer I've had in recent memory was the old chocolate mint porter I had. I savored my beer, texted my mother and then yelped my next stop. I ran to the bathroom once I was done and went to pay for my flight.

$19. It was $19 for a flight of four beers samples. 

Quickly, my need for pizza died. I decided I didn't need to waste any more money on caloric consumption. And then I set out on my next stop: the Empire State Building, which was only a few blocks away.

Not to be a downer, but it wasn't that exciting. I was too cheap to go to the top (it was a lot of money), so I just stood near it and looked up. It looked like a building.

I needed to keep it moving out of fear of being recognized as a tourist, so I went to Times Square. I didn't want to buy anything (again, I am cheap), but I wanted to walk around Times Square and sing, "Empire State of Mind," to myself. It makes me feel very New York. Because I assume that's what every New Yorker does every day. 

Fun fact: when you're wandering around New York alone, it can really feel like an eternity. I still needed to waste some time, so I went to Central Park. It was rather lovely, and I strangely watched people skating and was envious of the family time everyone was having around me. Then I found a rock to sit on, because it just felt right. I Instagrammed a picture, texted my mom some more and got a little cold.

alone in Central Park

After I got tired of sitting in a park alone in extremely early Spring, I called an Uber and spend 45 minutes going a few miles away to the airport and then sat in a security line for another hour once getting there. The flight home was actually about the length of time I spend queuing TSA.

New York City from the plane

And that concludes a day alone in New York City. Next time I go back, I'd like to bring a friend and commit to spending money to make it more memorable: I want to see the Statue of Liberty, maybe take a gander from the top of the Empire State Building and eat all the pizza I can fit in my stomach.