Kauai: What to Eat, Drink, and Explore

Kauai is geologically the largest island in Hawaii and is also known as the "Garden Isle" due to the tropical rainforest that covers the majority of the island. We visited the island over Christmas, and although it was a little strange to be in a tropical location for the holiday, I couldn't think of a more beautiful place to be. This Kauai recap is definitely long overdue. I think I just haven't wanted to think about it and am still in denial that I had to come back to reality, but I'm excited to share with you our favorite things that we did and ate during our time here.

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Do Not Let Fear Win

I currently have the biggest stress headache from keeping myself from crying the past 12 hours. I am fully aware that shootings happen every day and I am by no means belittling any of them. But this one hurts, just as it did with the Manchester shooting, but even more. 

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Welcome to the Jungle: Electric Zoo Recap

Electric Zoo is a huge electronic music festival that takes over Randall's Island, right outside of NYC, every Labor Day weekend. For 3 days, the island is transformed into an immersive urban jungle. Whether you're a basshead or a part of the trance family, there was something for everyone. Every type of electronic music was represented. EZoo 2017 marked the ninth year of the festival. We had been dying to check out a new festival anyways and once EZoo’s full lineup was released (hint: it was stacked), we knew we had to go.

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Denver Hostel Fish Review: What to Know Before You Book

Then I realized: I wanted Denver friends, so a hostel might be the way to go. I went to bed that night having not booked anything. The next night, I spent another four hours agonizing over which hostel I wanted to pick. Now is an appropriate time to admit that there are only three options in Denver, so it shouldn’t have been this hard. But the cheapest option looked like a prison on the outskirts of town, the second option looked run down and in a sketchy neighborhood -- but had free pancakes -- and the most expensive one was in the perfect location, but had triple bunk beds. Terrifying.

Sleep deprived, I promised myself to put myself out of this misery and just book the expensive one, Hostel Fish, especially since it wasn’t actually that expensive. I went onto their website, and was pleased to see that they also featured an all-girls options that only had double high bunk beds, which was perfect. Bonus, it was $4 cheaper a night too!

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Celebrating National Park Week

Saturday, April 15th marked the first day of National Park Week here in the United States. National Park Week is a week long celebration that occurs every April and was created to honor and support or national parks. To encourage more people to get out and to make the parks more accessible as well, admission to every national park will be free until Sunday April 23rd.

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What To Do in Williamsburg, Virginia

My family moved to Williamsburg when I was in first grade, so I spent most of my childhood growing up there. We moved into a neighborhood that was technically a resort, which only recently seemed weird to me, and we were so close to Busch Gardens that I could hear the trains and the people screaming from on top of the rollercoasters. On nice summer evenings, we would take trips to Colonial Williamsburg to walk our dogs and get ice cream, and I'd see tourists and families with children wearing tri-corner hats and petticoats and I'd always wonder how someone could choose to vacation here. 

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The Journey to Inside the Pallet House

My exact response was, "I will definitely check out the podcast." Because of who I am as a person, I never did and never thought of it again. 

Two years later, Inside the Pallet House Podcast reaches out to me on Twitter.

They invited me to come out to their recording studio and guest star in their podcast. I can't explain how flattered I was, pending it checking out and not being a trap. My faith in the world leads me to do the podcast with Alix, and lo and behold, that commenter from two years ago is the same podcast.

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Accomodations Pro Tip: Stay Like a Local

Over a year ago (wow -- it's been awhile since I've been out of the country), my friends and I were heading to Iceland. Our grand plan was to get a super cheap airplane ticket (thanks WowAir), rent a car and then travel the entire country. We wanted to be on a budget, but not sell ourselves short of the experience. When it came time to find accommodations, we looked into hotels and hostels, but there weren't many options.

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Asheville: An Eaters & Drinkers Paradise

Sara and I had heard from several people that Asheville was a beautiful and fun place and we finally got to experience it for ourselves last October. It really is a foodie and beer lovers paradise. There's a brewery on almost every street corner and so many amazing restaurants. We were pretty impressed with how much we tried during our 3 days there, but we didn't even get to experience a fraction of what Asheville has to offer. Eating yourself sick like we did? Not recommended.

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What's There to Do in Connecticut?

Any time I'm talking to someone who I haven't met before, it eventually comes out that I'm from Connecticut. To which, the response is almost always: "Connecticut...(thoughtful pause)....I'v never been there."

I just nod my head in acceptance, because -- let's be real here -- why would anyone go to Connecticut (other than to see family, of course)? Since me kind of mumbling, "Yeah, there' not a lot going on in Connecticut," is getting old, I've decided to come up with a more appealing list of what fun things are actually going on in Connecticut.

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An Afternoon at Cisco Brewers

A few weeks ago, my family and I took a trip and spent about four days in Nantucket. On our third day, we rented bikes and rode a little over a mile to get to Cisco Brewers. Cisco Brewers is actually home to Cisco Brewery, Nantucket Vineyards, and Triple Eight Distillery. My family and I had a great time and successfully ate and drank our way through (almost) everything they had to offer. If you happen to be in Nantucket, it's a place you shouldn't miss!

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How to Pack for Any Trip

If there's one thing I hate about traveling, it's packing. I am never good at picking out clothes for myself, let alone for a week without knowing exactly what the weather will be like, or what I'll really be in the mood to wear when the day comes. 

I have devised quite a few ways, however, to make packing as stress-free as possible. Here are a few quick ways to pack quickly and effectively.

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Living La Buena Vida in Akumal

Akumal is a small beach town located on the coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, about 22 miles south of Playa Del Carmen and 17 miles north of Tulum. Akumal has some of the most stunning beaches I’ve ever seen and feature white sand and beautiful, crystal clearwater. If you’re lucky enough to be planning a trip to Akumal, I’ve shared a few great things to do and some of my favorite places to eat and enjoy a few drinks.

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Where to Score the Best Cuban Coffee in Miami and Key West

I love coffee and pretty much can’t imagine what my life would be like without it or some sort of caffeine. I had always wanted to try Cuban coffee and finally got the opportunity to when we took a vacation to South Florida. If you’re looking to try some as well, I’ve shared my top locations in Miami and Key West to get a cup.

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